More than just a coworking space.

A place for entrepreneur's to find their PURPOSE

Neway Creative was launched during the global Coronavirus pandemic by local Macomb County entrepreneur and community leader, Shane Gianino, in June of 2020. During the middle of COVID-19, Shane had a vision to launch something much bigger than just coworking office space. He wanted to develop a platform that helps people find their community and step into their purpose to pursue their God-given talents to create and innovate. One thing the global pandemic taught us was to question our purpose.

The vision for Neway Creative is to become a premier community development hub in Macomb County and underserved communities that need revitalization as funding becomes available.  Our purpose is to connect and equip entrepreneurs with other like-minded business professionals and resources so they can fulfill their call to create and innovate, transforming the community around them, helping to fuel economic development and job creation.

A True Mission

Our mission is to help people find their community and step into their purpose to pursue their God-given talents to create and innovate, providing a new way of working in a positive and innovative environment.

About Macomb County

Macomb County as formally organized on January 15, 1818, is the third county in the Michigan Territory. The county was named in honor of Detroit-born Alexander Macomb, Jr., a highly decorated veteran of the War of 1812 and hero of the Battle of Plattsburg. Macomb County is Michigan’s 3rd most populous County and #1 in the nation for manufacturing job growth.

From Lake St. Clair to our traditional downtown, Macomb County has a wide array of distinct places and experiences. Macomb County is committed to providing exceptional parks, recreation, and open space destinations. With more than 17,000 acres of parks, recreation and open space, individuals can get out and explore the true natural beauty of the county. Premier parks and recreation destinations include Stony Creek Metropark, Lake St. Clair Metropark, Wolcott Mill Metropark, and Freedom Hill County Park and Amphitheater.

Make Macomb Your Home at https://living.macombgov.org/Living-Home

About Mount Clemens

Mount Clemens is rich in history, first surveyed in 1795 after the American Revolutionary War by Christian Clemens. Mount Clemens’ largest industry for more than 100 years, from 1873 to 1974, was tourism-related to the mineral baths, drawn from springs that were scattered throughout the city.
The city boasts a walkable downtown, special events, riverfront, art fairs, parades, festivals, and the area’s premier fireworks event. Mount Clemens is rich in cultural heritage, which is on display at the Anton Art Center, Crocker House Museum, and Michigan Transit Museum. As the county seat, Mount Clemens is the gateway to the important services available through the Macomb County government.

Whether someone is looking for a great place to put down roots, build a business or even enjoy a night on the town, Mount Clemens has something for everyone.

More on the City of Mount Clemens at https://mountclemens.gov/